supend-to-ram working(ish)

William Murray w.j.murray at
Wed Mar 15 11:17:59 UTC 2006

  Hello all,
         I finally got suspend-to-ram to work today.
This is with a latitude D610 using:
   * kernel 2054 (actually a hacked version for AFS)
   * vga=normal boot option
   * "ati" driver, dri disabled
   Which options are essential I don't know, but it worked like that. fails to bring up the networking. I can fix this with
service network restart 
(NetworkManager doesn't think there is an eth0 to start)
there is an  error message, but it works anyway:

  Determining IP information for
eth0.../etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-eth: line 260:  3992
Terminated              /sbin/dhclient ${DHCLIENTARGS} ${DEVICE}


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