fc doesn't see my monitor

Dan Gabriel Ghita gabbath at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 11:24:00 UTC 2006

should i be worried that during a install, fc5 doesn't see my philips 170B
lcd? i saw that it has some models in the list, but instead of 170/150/..
they're called 107/105/..
the numberings come from the number of inches the panel has: 170 has 17
inches etc. so in that context, 107 has no sense at all. but then again i
may be wrong, those may be different models.
there was more than one 107B so i didn't know which one to pick... just went
for generic lcd panel 1280x1024 instead. will i have issues with that? i
hope fc will be able to detect it sometime soon. fc4 had the same issue.

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