FLash player - firefox 32 bit

Dan Gabriel Ghita gabbath at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 13:22:57 UTC 2006

this is what i wanted to post a few minutes ago, but phil posted ahead:

i seem to be having trouble installing flash player. i use firefox usually
and i've noticed that flashplayer is one of the only plugins that it can
install automatically in linux with the "install missing plugins" feature.
but on fc5 it just doesn't work. it says "installed" but after i restart it
doesn't work at all (and it usually gets installed on the fly, you just need
to refresh the page). i tried installing manually with the linux installer
from macromedia, installed in a lot of directories, /usr/lib/mozilla,
/usr/lib/mozilla-<version>, /usr/lib/firefox.. etc (i think even in my
homedir, in .firefox/plugins), but it just doesn't get detected. is it
because it's firefox 1.5? i had it installed on fc4 without problems
(actually i had firefox 1.0 then upgraded to 1.5).
also opened mozilla to see if it worked there and it didn't. any help is

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