Rawhide, bluetooth and selinux

Patrick von der Hagen patrick at wudika.de
Wed Mar 15 20:42:51 UTC 2006

William John Murray wrote:
>    Hello Patrick,
>          I think you have to disable the bluetooth in selinux, 
>   (SElinux -> SELinux service protection -> bluetooth)
Yes, you are right, that solved my problem. Strange thing is, I never
had problems starting hcid manually, just the init-script won't work
when bluetooth is disallowed by selinux.

OK, let's see... Bug 1: "/etc/init.d/bluetooth start" reports success,
though "hcid" fails to start. Easy solution: verify that hcid started.
Better solution: verify whether selinux disallows bluethooth and have
the init-script report "failed to start due to selinux".

Bug 2: why can I start "hcid" manually, though bluetooth is disallowed
by selinux? I suppose selinux should either allow both the init-script
and manual invocation or deny both the init-script and manual
invocation. The current situation is certainly annoying.

>   The pin ID stuff is probably related to requiring a pin helper.
>    I uncommented /usr/bin/bluepin in /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf,
>   and the error went away.
That one helped here to. I thought that would not be nessessary since a
different pin-helper was configured. It should be verified with kde, but
I consider this to be bug 3.

>      There is still something wrong - when I rfcomm to my phone I 
> get a 'do you want this connection' which instantly disappears,
> and the connection is broken. But I can obex push from either end.
Yes, that works without any problems, as long as hcid has been started.

>    The gnome-bluetooth-file-sharing works very nicely. The manager
> really should have the 'properties' button removed, as it seems to do
> nothing.
That would be bug 4 for upstream.

By the way, what can I do using gnome-bluetooth-manager? I somehow
expected more than a list of devices. Not sure whether
gnome-bluetooth-manager has any right to exist without installing
gnome-phone-manager as well. Oh, I forgot, you need it in order to
receive files. Well, I'll start compiling gnome-phone-manger now. ;-)

I'll report those bugs later. Not sure where to file the
bluetooth-selinux-bug though. Against selinux or bluez-something?

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