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John Summerfied debian at
Thu Mar 16 01:08:59 UTC 2006

Ben Steeves wrote:
> On 3/15/06, John Summerfied <debian at> wrote:
>>Ben Steeves wrote:
>>>On 3/13/06, Gordon Stewart <gorste at> wrote:
>>>>No I need the rescue disk to fixed the issue.
>>>As I said in my original email, there's a full rescue environment on
>>>CD 1.  Just boot off of that.   From the sounds of it though you might
>>>be just as well served by re-installing.
>>_I_'d stuff around until I fixed it; then I'd probably know what I did
> So would I.  Then again, I'd have a fair chance of understanding what
> went wrong in the first place... but then I'm pretty much a gearhead. 
> When an inexperienced user comes across a problem that prevents their

There's a fair argument such folk shouldn't be found in the _testing_ 
environment. They're sure to find it _very_ testing, and if they survive 
that, very educational.

Remember, this is betaware at best, and nobody should be using it for 
"production" work, for anything they can't just throw away.

Note, running your production workload on it to test whether it works is 
not the same as running your production on it.



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