CD-RW problems

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Thu Mar 16 11:06:52 UTC 2006

On Thursday 16 March 2006 10:31, David Timms wrote:
> Mike Chambers wrote:
> > On Wed, 2006-03-15 at 13:40 +1100, David Timms wrote:
> >> When the CD is detected it is automounted, icon on desktop/filesystem
> >> folder. There is a right-click item to eject, but not unmount.
> >>
> >> I needed to: umount /dev/cdrom manually so that it wasn't locked for
> >> writing, and also not ejected from the machine. Then k2b worked fine.
> >>
> >> I was hoping that this would be cured, but I can repeat it now, with
> >> identical results: erase fails, and I get stuck in a loop where I cannot
> >> exit the k3b erase dialogs.
> >
> > Ok sheww, I experienced the exact same thing.  Is a bug opened on this,
> > via Red Hat or KDE sites?
> <
> I think it might apply to any software that can do rw erase, not just k3b.
Interesting reading there, with many of the messages recognised from my 
experiments (see Users list, thread 'Are RWs a problem?').  The difference, 
though, is that on my system k3b appears to have done the erase, but mkisofs 
fails.  You are left with a disk that cannot be mounted.  At one point I got 
lots of 'bad sector' warnings, and every time I got 'I/O error' reports.  
Following a lead I got from a LUG member, I found that cdrecord, from a 
terminal, could not do a blank and record in one command, but if the command 
is split they work fine.  I successfully burned to a disk that had seemed to 
be unusable, from reading k3b's output.  Full details can be found on the 
user list thread, if they help.

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