CD-RW problems

David Timms dtimms at
Thu Mar 16 11:27:36 UTC 2006

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 16 March 2006 10:31, David Timms wrote:
>> I think it might apply to any software that can do rw erase, not just k3b.
> Interesting reading there, with many of the messages recognised from my 
> experiments (see Users list, thread 'Are RWs a problem?').  The difference, 
> though, is that on my system k3b appears to have done the erase, but mkisofs 
> fails.  You are left with a disk that cannot be mounted.  At one point I got 
> lots of 'bad sector' warnings, and every time I got 'I/O error' reports.  
> Following a lead I got from a LUG member, I found that cdrecord, from a 
> terminal, could not do a blank and record in one command, but if the command 
> is split they work fine.  I successfully burned to a disk that had seemed to 
> be unusable, from reading k3b's output.  
I found that some RW discs seem to always fail as you mention, and I 
think the problem might be heat related (they get real hot): if you 
separate the processes it can work on the same disc that would 
repeatedly fail.

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