Could tthere be an update iso distribution

Dan Thurman dant at
Thu Mar 16 17:13:35 UTC 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-16 at 11:42 -0500, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On 03/16/2006 Leslie Satenstein wrote:
> > With kudzu broken, potential keyboard problems, as well as the 2054 kernel for nvidia, I see no reason to download the first release. 
> > Why push broken software unless a new iso in a very short time thereafter(2 weeks) is released.
> Kudzu works for the vast majority of users right now.  Bill has been
> trying to get specific information out of you and has thus far failed to
> get anything helpful for fixing your particular problem.  What
> 'keyboard' issues?  We've had testers testing our various input methods
> and they work just as well if not way better than the current FC4.  As
> for the nivida thing, welcome to Fedora.  We manage to break proprietary
> drivers out of the gate in just about every release, whether it be our
> fault or Vendor's fault, it happens.  We don't support these drivers so
> it isn't our major concern to make sure they work.
> No software is perfect, and there has to be an acceptable amount of
> shipped bugs.  If we waited until the software had no bugs to ship, we'd
> never ship.  I'm proud of this release, and proud of all the hardwork
> the developers, documenters, testers, etc put in.  Both inside and
> especially outside of Red Hat.
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I have been reporting the kudzu problem for at least 1-2 weeks and
apparently it wasn't an important to someone until now?  Maybe too
many fires had to be put out first :-)

I wonder how many users out there are using nvidia chipsets?
So in effect you are saying... "too bad - you are in the
minority and we will continue on and leave you wither in
the dust..."  Sigh...  personally, I would tell you a thing or
two not very nice words and to... well... I'm going to be a
gentleman and leave it at that.

I hope Bill can resolve this issue as soon as possible and
can get the fix in before the major release.  I was one of those
poor saps in FC4 and I can tell you that FC4 first release
was a real piece of ****, because for me - I had to jump over
HUGE HURDLES to get to a level where I can proceed and thank
god I am an engineer and could do it, but for those who could
not are basically SOL waiting for the next major release, like
FC5 and I guess, unfortunately the vicious cycle might repeat

I have offered to give you any information you want from me
so that I could help you, and this community, and anyone
who have mvidia chipsets in their motherboard like I do.

I have responded to Bill as soon as I woke up and read his
message to me (from a different email thread) and did an
[strace /sbin/kudzu] and gave him the output trace as
requested so hopefully this will be something that may
give him a handle on the issue.

If there is anything else I can do to help, let me know!

I am currently running FC5T3 right now as I have bypassed
the kudzu boot script until this issue is resolved.  Please
be nice and let me know if a fix has been generated.


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