Could tthere be an update iso distribution

sean seanlkml at
Thu Mar 16 17:23:58 UTC 2006

On Fri, 17 Mar 2006 04:17:52 +1100
Steven Haigh <netwiz at> wrote:

> > You fall into the minority then; most people today aren't using any
> > Open GL at all in their day to day use.
> Really? I call bull.

Web browsing, Email, Word Processing.... That's most users; no need
for openGL.

> To what? Care to inform me of any cards that are decent and have  
> OpenGL hardware acceleration that will work without a custom module?  
> ATI and Nvidia certainly rule the majority of that market.

Take a look at the open source DRI drivers list.  May meet your needs
depending on what you're trying to do.

> Care to sign up to the biggot list? I'm sure it's already full, but  
> your arguements aren't convincing at all - and is the exact reason  
> OSS zealots have such a bad reputation as the "I don't use it so  
> nobody else needs to" attitude lives on.

Bullshit, I didn't come close to saying what you imply.  I did
explain my priorities and said that many people who actually would 
prefer to stick to open source as well are lead down the wrong
path by Nvidia zealots for no good reason.


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