Could tthere be an update iso distribution

Arjan van de Ven arjan at
Thu Mar 16 17:49:03 UTC 2006

> I really wish that Linux could get past the everything-must-be-GPL
> attitude.  

well it's the GPL license that says that all kernel parts must be GPL. 
You don't have to accept the GPL license, in fact you're free to reject
it. (but do read about the consequences in the license text)

> The GPL is great, free, Free software is great, but it
> doesn't work for some companies, especially when hardware and IP are
> concerned.

well what you propose is basically the BSD license.
Now go ask yourself why BSD isn't where linux is today in terms of
market share. A big part of that is ... the GPL license. By forcing
everyone to give back their improvements, the core gets better. Unlike
the BSD world where there are many parties that keep their own
improvements binary as "IP and added value", with the result that the
core doesn't improve from them. 

But it's open drivers also that allow people to run newer versions on
their older hardware. The windows world doesn't have this; I have had to
throw away 2 scanners so far for example because newer windows versions
don't support them (well I didn't throw them away, I moved them to linux
boxes ;-). Mice, sound cards, USB devices etc etc same deal.
The vendor stops caring after he stops selling it (and often no longer
exists even).

Oh well,  I guess this now classifies me as a GPL terrorist because I
don't agree with you and say things that might take your precious nvidia
card away from linux....  well I've been called worse ;)

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