any way to install fc trough the internet ?

LarryT guess.who at
Thu Mar 16 17:50:25 UTC 2006

Maybe my question wasn't so clear !
I wanted to know if one can install fc from the INTERNET, and from a 
Booting rescue cd  allows to install from ftp NETWORK (=private) server 
; but not (afaik) from the INTERNET ! One must to FIRST download iso, 
then mount, then copy to dir on pc having ftp server running.
Right ?

Is there a way to install directly from fedora site ?



Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> LarryT wrote:
>> I wonder if one can install fc booting from a cd rescue and 
>> connectiong to the internet ? using yum or something like this ?
>> I cant find it, but maybe i miss something ?
>> I know it is possible from the network, AFTER downloading an iso ; but 
>> without downloading ?
> Download the boot.iso from the images folder and boot using linux 
> askmethod.

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