Could tthere be an update iso distribution

sean seanlkml at
Thu Mar 16 17:52:07 UTC 2006

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006 09:39:14 -0800
Dan Thurman <dant at> wrote:

> But regarding this release, because Fedora has a program (called kudzu)
> that is behaving ungracefully, I would say that allowing this release to
> proceed without a fix is just incredulous to me because it is FEDORA's
> PROBLEM (even if it was caused by the vendor), but since FEDORA's kuzdu
> HANGS UMGRACEFULLY, does not BYPASS the problem device or driver, it is
> IMHO a flaw in the code or at least in the design.

AFAIK kudzu only has a problem after you try to install the binary driver
at which point you're kinda on your own anyway.

> Just imagine for a moment that some other device, pick one, exhibits the
> same symptom as the one caused by nvidia - then what?  Then another
> device, then another...  so what will Fedora say?
> "NOT OUR PROBLEM" and so the finger pointing keeps pointing outwards
> instead of inwards.  THIS is the kind of mentality that can get a
> professional fired (unless the marketing types or "big boss upstairs"
> decides to call it an "acceptable risk").

Fedora is a distro specifically targeted at people more interested in
open source than in the latest binary blob.   Other distributions have
other priorities.   


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