Kernel 2054 breaks nvidia.ko loading

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at
Thu Mar 16 20:17:56 UTC 2006

>  Yes
> yes, shame on the fedora developers for introducing a bug which
> affects a module they don't directly support nor test for.. shame
> shame shame.
If you think about it, that's a pretty significant failure of the 
testing process...
This being the fedora-test-list, it seemed at least a little on topic.

>  Now how about we get to work making the hot fix in the
> livna rpms to correct for the mistake.
Not my expertise, but I am confident that the Livna maintainer could 
handle that :)

> Aim for the stars and you land on the moon.  testing for the nvidia
> module functionality  has consistently been out-of-scope for the Core
> developers and I think the arguments on both sides of this issue have
> been well established now. Instead of getting into this..again.. can
> you please just reference a similar thread from fc1 or fc2 to save
> everyone the time.
I'm sorry that you feel I'm wasting your time...
Similarly, I hope that off-topic anti-nvidia mails can be kept to a minimum.

>> I fail to see why it's a good thing when 3D drivers
>> have been broken for a large percent of the Linux user base.
> Sane people don't claim this is a good thing...
I must have been confused by the 2-3 "tongue-in-cheek" emails implying 
the bug is a feature then...

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