Removing packages - slimming server

Aryanto Rachmad aryanto.rachmad at
Thu Mar 16 20:32:46 UTC 2006

Hello All,

I know that this is a wrong list to post this question, I am sorry for this. I have been trying this a few times to post this to fedora-list, but they never went through.

I want to remove all the packages which are not required for a server. So I tried to remove the packages intended for client, like wireless-tools and wpa_supplicant. When I did that to wireless-tools package it was said that I have to remove also all packages for dependencies, like the following:

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 wireless-tools          i386       1:28-0.pre13.5.1  installed         231 k
Removing for dependencies:
 NetworkManager          i386       0.6.0-2          installed         1.1 M
 authconfig              i386       5.2.2-1          installed         1.2 M
 authconfig-gtk          i386       5.2.2-1          installed         158 k
 rhpl                    i386       0.185-1          installed         910 k
 system-config-date      noarch     1.8.2-1          installed         2.2 M
 system-config-keyboard  noarch     1.2.7-1.1        installed         168 k
 system-config-keyboard  noarch     1.2.6-2          installed         134 k
 system-config-language  noarch     1.1.11-1         installed         137 k
 system-config-lvm       noarch     1.0.13-1.0       installed         2.4 M
 system-config-mouse     noarch     1.2.11-1         installed         200 k
 system-config-network   noarch     1.3.30-2.1       installed         2.1 M
 system-config-network-tui  noarch     1.3.30-2.1       installed         3.8 M
 system-config-rootpassword  noarch     1.1.7-2          installed          86 k
 system-config-rootpassword  noarch     1.1.8-1.1        installed         105 k
 system-config-soundcard  noarch     1.2.16-2         installed         1.4 M
 system-config-users     noarch     1.2.42-1         installed         1.1 M
 up2date                 i386       4.4.23-4.2.1     installed         6.1 M

Transaction Summary

I don't know whether I need those packages or not for a server.

How to remove only specific packages without removing all the dependencies using yum? Is that a good idea?

Where can I find detail information about the packages for Fedora, especially why one package dependents on the others?



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