Kernel 2054 breaks nvidia.ko loading

Chris Chabot chabotc at
Fri Mar 17 06:13:58 UTC 2006

Tell me which card can also power my 24" display and allows play games at
1920x1200 resolution decently under windows, supports Vista, and also has
OSS support and I'll put it on my shopping list before you know it!

However as the situation exists, its either
1) Live with poor performance, but feel warm & fuzzy about pure a OSS system
(that is, if you don't use flash, etc) or
2) Have a good performing system, but know you will be facing nvidia/ati
closed source driver installing

For me the choice was VERY simple.. I'm actually quite happy that both ati
and nvidia supply drivers for linux (this used to be very different back in
the days and I feel grateful that they do now), and it makes both my linux
desktop snappy and responsive with my current hardware (SLI NVidia 7800GTX
btw), and everything else very workable under windows.

While I love idealism and conviction (and have my fair share of these too!),
please no one try to tell me that I have to give up my Vista compatibility,
my ability to play games at high resolution, for your disliking of closed
source kernel drivers.

Binary drivers are here to stay, if idealism could make them go away they
would've stopped existing already; But the reverse is true, people see that
with those drivers their desktop feels faster, and they will keep using them
for that very simple reason, no matter how hard you shout at them.

The only real alternative to the closed source drivers that *I* see for *MY*
computer (of course this is always about personal choice..) is open source
drivers that fully support the latest nvidia & ati hardware, then it would
be a no-brainer decision to use the OSS ones. But as it stands now (both ati
& nvidia not releasing a lot of specs at all) that's quite unlikely for a
while more.

(Much like the reason why I'm using a closed source flash plugin, show me an
suitable alternative, and I'd use that instead)

So until then, closed source drivers it is!

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John Morris said:
> And that mythical 3D card would be?  I just love this headlong rush
> toward a 3D desktop while everyone sticks their fingers in their ears
> and hums real loud everytime someone observes that there currently
> exists ZERO supported hardware.

Older ATi cards (Radeon 9200 series and earlier) as well as most integrated
Intel stuff and some mostly-obsolete Matrox cards all have Free Software
driver support (including hardware-acceleration)

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