Removing packages - slimming server

Aryanto Rachmad aryanto.rachmad at
Sat Mar 18 22:27:38 UTC 2006

Thanks a lot for those who replied my email. I know where to start now.

I am sorry that I didn't clearly describe what I really want to achieve.

As you noticed, I am quite new on Linux especially Fedora. I started just
because I wanted to have an Asterisk PBX at home. For some reasons I chose
Fedora as the server OS. So basically I just want to have a very limited
Fedora packages for that.

I don't need fancy graphical interface or anything like that. I prefer to
use command lines or text mode in configuring it as I think I will
understand better about how things work. As long as I can read and
understand the manual, it is very easy to do that, isn't it? But the
problem is in Linux world things change very quick and documentation
usually comes very late. I perfectly understand this as at work I am very
lazy when it comes to writing documentation. I won't do that unless my boss
forces me to do so.

I started with FC4 ISO installation. I chose server installation type as I
was not sure if the minimal custom installation would give me the right
packages for my purpose. There were some unnecessary packages, but I kept
them. Then I upgraded to FC5t1, FC5t2 and FC5t3. I regularly do "yum
update" at least once a week. I noticed that the number of packages grows a
lot (87 new packages). So now before I upgrade to the final release of FC5,
I want to clean up those unnecessary packages.

The hardware of my server is IBM xSeries 330 with dual Pentium III, dual
hotplugable SCSI hardisk and 4GB memory which I bought piece by piece on
Ebay. I hope this will last for some years until I consider that obsolete.



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