Sony Vaio S3-HP Still Freezing on Udev Boot - Kernel 2054

Matthew Carter matt.carter85 at
Sun Mar 19 22:01:00 UTC 2006

Hi Guys

I reported this bug during FC5T1 and T2 however even now in T3 it still 
is apparent. I cannot successfully boot into FC5, and I dont really want 
to revert to FC4.

How can I help you guys debug this problem?

I have been using Fedora since FC2 on my old HP nx9015 before that I was 
a Mandrake user and that distro was dire in my eyes. Fedora has always 
been a great OS, FC3 has to be the strongest build to date, 
unfortunately it doesnt work on my Vaio.

Please help me help you fix this bug.



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