Wild and crazy times for the development tree

Jim Cornette fct-cornette at insight.rr.com
Mon Mar 20 23:39:26 UTC 2006

Jeremy Katz wrote:
> With the release of Fedora Core 5, the development tree is now open for
> things to continue forward.  So if you've been following it purely to
> get updates for the FC5 test releases, you'll probably want to grab the
> fedora-release package from the FC5 release instead.  If you want to
> keep testing and helping to develop things for Fedora Core 6, expect for
> some fun to pop up as always.
> Jeremy

Thanks Jeremy! I'm pulling back for fedora-updates(-testing) for FC5.

One note regarding the repo files, they are installed as rpmnew files, 
so moving the older repo files out of the way is needed.


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