file missing man-page !!!!

LarryT guess.who at
Tue Mar 21 07:28:31 UTC 2006

So Jonathan, i think we are all right :)
BTW, i think that ftp installation necessary needs a remote ftp 
directory (of course !), where ALL (=ALL !!) the data have been copied ! 
Here is the point i missed !
The guy who wants to install from one cd, will surely burn the fc5disc1 
! But this is not what i first did : i copy the contain of the first cd 
to a ftp dir : here is my mistake. Booting from the cd recue, the soft 
cant guess that the remote ftp dir only contains the first cd rpms !
So this question/problem is closed (to me).

BTW i am sorry the minimal/everythink installation choice have been removed.


Jonathan Berry wrote:
> On 3/20/06, LarryT <guess.who at> wrote:
>>Jonathan : thnak you.
>>I think i have well understood what you wanna tell me.
>>I have no problem to install fc5 using dvd .
>>But i wonder if there is not a problem.
>>Please , listen : (and maybe, try to replicate what i did ?)
>>- I have downloaded the fc5-disc1.iso
>>- Have mounted the iso file and copy all the contains to a
>>/var/ftp/pub/fc5 dir, on my private network (there is no error about
>>that !) (ftp server on my private network : i have done like this for
>>years ...
>>- have donwloaded the boot.iso image and burnt to a cd
>>- have boot off this cd (boot.iso cd, not fc5 disc1) on the PC where i
>>want to install fc5
>>- type : linux askmethod, and choose ftp installation
>>- leave everything as it is (no changes, NO changes !)
>>- and just when the process begins to install the very first files, i
>>get an error message, saying man-page, and gjdoc and ... are missing !
>>- i had a look at the iso and saw those files are not on the cd 1, nor
>>on the /var/ftp/pub/fc5 dir (of course !!!!)
>>- there i guess, i had to download the dvd.
>>- but I THINK (Am i wrong again ?) that with only one cd, i could
>>install all by default. (any way with only one cd drive, i cant use more
>>than one cd at the same time :-/........)
> I think this is the issue.  I do not believe that you can install
> Fedora with the defaults using only CD1.  I've mostly used DVDs to
> install, so I guess I don't know for sure, but that is my
> understanding.  This is one of the potential problems with Fedora: you
> have to download a large amount of data (the isos) to install it.
> Regarding having only one CD drive, when you get to packages on other
> CDs, the installer will prompt you to change the CD out.  It will say
> something like "Please insert CD 2 now" and maybe even spit the first
> CD out :).  This is why I normally use the DVD.  I just set it up and
> it goes.  No need to check on it to see if I need to change out the
> CD.
>>- and even if it is impossible, how could the guy who dont understand
>>anything, guess that he had to download all the cds ?
> I guess it had not occurred to me that someone might think you could
> install using only CD1.
>>Is it understandable, now?
>>(i am really sorry that my english is not very good :-/)
> You're English is intelligible enough :).
>>Again : i am not with a problem ; but i guess guys could have problems
>>with this thing.
>>What do you think of this ?
>>Please, keep i mind i just wanted to show something that seems to me, a
>>bit ... curious...
> You bring up some interesting points.  Some of which have been
> discussed.  The idea has been proposed to be able to install some base
> level of Fedora from only one CD.  Then have add on CDs for various
> other package groups.  I don't think we have figured out a good way to
> do that, because you might need to download some things twice,
> depending on how the packages are split up and what you want to
> install.
> Jonathan

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