Will we ever get a i686 build of fedora core

David Nielsen david at lovesunix.net
Tue Mar 21 11:59:52 UTC 2006

tir, 21 03 2006 kl. 17:16 +0530, skrev parta:
> Hi
> I am wondering why people at redhat don't release fedora core for
> i686. I think it will be better on performace. I am ready to take the
> pains of compiling everything again but dont know where to begin. If
> anyone else thinks the same way and has some knowhow to contribute he
> is most welcome. 

Fedora is already compiled with optimizations (-march=i386
-mtune=pentium4 I believe), -march=i686 would be a trade off in terms of
the machines we would be able to support. Additionally there has never
actually been any hard data to support the claim that i686 would
magically make the system a billion times faster (ask any random Gentoo
ricer to confirm that statement).

- David
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