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Tue Mar 21 13:52:41 UTC 2006

On 3/21/06, LarryT <guess.who at> wrote:
> So Jonathan, i think we are all right :)
> BTW, i think that ftp installation necessary needs a remote ftp
> directory (of course !), where ALL (=ALL !!) the data have been copied !

That's the point -- if you only copy the first disk, you don't have it
all.  If you want to do an HTTP or FTP install from the network using
files instead of ISO images, you need to have the RPMs from all five
disks copied before you start the install.  It's not hard.  Just copy
the contents of all the disk's RPMS directories into the RPMS
directory made when you copied the first disk (not into subdirectories
of RPMS!  When you're done copying, you should have all 3000+ .rpm
files in the same directory).  Anaconda is pretty smart, it'll figure
everything out for you.

Another neat thing you can do is copy all the RPMs to a directory and
create a YUM repo.  That's typically how I track rawhide when I'm
following the test cycle.
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