ARGH! FC5 still doesn't sync with Pilot.

Ian Burrell ianburrell at
Wed Mar 22 01:19:25 UTC 2006

On 3/21/06, Gilboa Davara <gilboad at> wrote:
> A. Udev slow to create ttyUSB? entries, gpilotd dies while waiting.

This problem has been fixed in FC5.  The pillot-link command-line
tools now work reliably for me.  I don't notice any difference between
using the dynamically-created /dev/pilot and the static dev file I was
using with FC4.

> B. If I create static ttyUSB[01],pilot under /etc/dev, either:
> C. gpilot does nothing. The Palm starts syncing and quits immediately.
> D. gpilot dies.
> In general, there's nothing new. All bugs have been reported in the
> past.

Likely, anybody who knows enough about the code doesn't care, and
nobody who cares knows enough to fix it.  gnome-pilot has never been
well-maintained and I found it flaky before the 0.12 fiasco.  I
suspect that third-party developers are also waiting for pilot-link
0.12 to stabilize and have a release before they update to the new

 - Ian

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