Problems with Dell 2001FP monitor

Jim Cornette fct-cornette at
Wed Mar 22 02:58:17 UTC 2006

Christian Hauser wrote:
> Hi
> I was trying to install FC5 on a Dell XPS with a Dell 2001FP (1600x1200) 
> monitor. However, during installation I can only see a part of the 
> screen the rest is out of bounds. Thus I cannot click on the 'Next', 
> 'Previous' buttons, as I don't see them.
> Could someone plaese give me a hint on what I can use to get a higher 
> resolution during install?
> Is there a linux vga=??? boot kernel option that doesn't turn off DMA 
> and gets me a higher resolution so that the whole install screen is 
> visible to me?
> Thanks in advance for any hint. I'd really like to be able to install 
> FC5 using the graphical mode.
> Christian

I passed resolution=1024x768 at the prompt. The screen was not fully 
filled but the smaller screen showed all the details and an update was 
possible to be started. This when installing in GUI mode.

If you need to see all the text mode screen vga=791 worked for me. I 
even saw the ascii art penguin.


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