GStreamer and mp3

Stanton Finley stanfinley at
Wed Mar 22 05:27:47 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 21:14 -0800, Oldman wrote:
> Hello all
> I can't seem to get mp3 working in any gstreamer apps.  I believe that
> the extra audio plugin was supposed to get that for me, but no luck.  I
> have installed the following:
> gstreamer.i386               0.10.3-3 
> gstreamer-plugins-base.i386  0.10.3-3 
> gstreamer-plugins-good.i386  0.10.2-1 
> gstreamer08.i386             0.8.12-4.fc5  
> gstreamer08-plugins.i386     0.8.12-2.fc5 
> gstreamer08-plugins-extra-08-audio.i386  0.8.11-3.lvn5          
> Did some poking around, gst-register shows both mad and lame plugins 
> but gst-inspect shows that both don't exist.  libmad and lame were
> installed as dependencies of the gstreamer rpm.
> I've been to the google groups, but there was no help on this. So am I
> the only one wit the problem?
> Scott

Set up yum with the freshrpms repository according to and then
do a "yum -y install gstreamer-plugins-ugly" as root. You may also have
to run "gstreamer-properties" in a terminal and select an alternate
default output plugin.
Stanton Finley

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