unable to open intrd img :-/

LarryT guess.who at freesurf.fr
Thu Mar 23 14:21:48 UTC 2006

As i would like to add few modules to initrd...
I need to extract initrd, but i get an error message (it worked on 
Here what i am trying :

> [root at Fopadix-fc5 ~]# cp /boot/initrd-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5.img /tmp/initrd.gz
> [root at Fopadix-fc5 ~]# cd /tmp/
> [root at Fopadix-fc5 tmp]# gunzip initrd.gz
> [root at Fopadix-fc5 tmp]# file initrd
> initrd: ASCII cpio archive (SVR4 with no CRC)
> [root at Fopadix-fc5 tmp]# mkdir a
> [root at Fopadix-fc5 tmp]# cd a/
> [root at Fopadix-fc5 a]# cpio -i < /tmp/initrd
> cpio: premature end of file
> [root at Fopadix-fc5 a]#

Any help would be appreciated :)

"Computers are like air conditioners - They stop working properly when 
you open Windows !" :-p

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