Bios settings and GUI responses

Leslie Satenstein lsatenstein at
Fri Mar 24 04:02:10 UTC 2006

My gui functionality is back. Wow, is Core5 fantastic. 
Yesterday, and since I installed the Vanilla version, I had sluggish gui responses. 
I had compared drivers with Core4, and found that there was a difference. I was about to search for the old one, but then I recalled that I had set an area up in the bios (shared memory mother board) to allow 64meg transfer to pci hardware. I put this down to 0 megs and wow, my great gui quick response is back. 

I will not bother with going into details, but can only say "Wow, for these later gnome and KDE implementations (I use KDE in root logon and GNOME for grand-daughter and my emails).

PS did you know that the bits in my bytes, are metric, but those in the computers in the USA are American Standard? Which are better? :)

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