Argh! FC5 installation: Cannot install FC5 disk #4!

Daniel B. Thurman dant at
Sat Mar 25 19:34:42 UTC 2006


I am trying to install "everything" from the new FC5 release
and apparently, when you install "everything", i.e. everything
except Language, I had to insert disk 1 (of course) through to
all the CD's needed to complete the install... 

Unfortunately, when FC5 asks for disk #4, it says:

"Please insert Fedora Core disc 4 to continue"

I put the FC5 #4 into the CD and pressed "OK"

This results in an error message:

"That's not the correct Fedora Core CDROM"

Ok... thinking that I burned CD #4 wrong (I checked
earlier that CD1-5 was valid) I burned another CD #4,
checked it, then put in into the CD drive and hit "OK"

Same error message was reported....

Sigh... now what...  what can I do to complete
my installation?


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