Yum upgrade not working.

tony tony at tgds.net
Sun Mar 26 15:17:47 UTC 2006

Le dimanche 26 mars 2006 à 09:54 -0500, Jeff Spaleta a écrit :
> On 3/26/06, tony <tony at tgds.net> wrote:
> > Yesterday I managed to upgrade from FC2 to FC4. I then installed the
> > fedora-release-5-5.noarch.rpm
> you installed... or you updated the fedora-release package?
> make sure rpm -q fedora-release only lists fedora-release-5.5


> make sure you have the default yum.conf
> rpm -V yum

gives ..?....

> make sure you have the default repos
> rpm -V fedora-release

Gives ?

> make sure you do not have any additional repos defined that could be
> interfering with the defaults by visiually inspecting all repo files
> on you system.

Cleaned out all but core, extras and updates and it works!

You ARE the man! This could be in a a FAQ I think. I think maybe the
development repos were causing the problem?

Cheers and thanks


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