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Re: mouse cursor problem

On 4/30/06, Lars G <terraformers gmail com> wrote:

problem here is that after using the desktop for some time, i can't
click on things anymore with the mouse cursor.
the cursor still moves, but can't interact with the desktop anymore.
pressing alt/tab key-combination makes it work ok again.
anyone have the same issue?

YES!  It coincided with switching out my motherboard/CPU from an
Athlon to a Pentium D 805, so I was thinking it was probably a
hardware issue.  I'm relieved someone else is having the same problem.
I'm also having a problem with my USB keyboard in that single key
presses are being repeated several times (i.e., I type 'y' and see
'yyyyy' show up in the terminal).  Also, occasionaly when I plug in a
USB hard drive, my mouse and keyboard both become unresponsive and
very jerky.

I don't have any idea what's causing it, but I'd be happy to be a test
subject to resolve it.
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