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Devel branch pan testing

Just an FYI - I'm keeping the devel (fc6) builds of pan up to date with
the current pan (it's alive!!) beta releases.

0.96 has just gone through the build system (not hit the repos as of
this posting).

Any and all testing is greatly appreciated.
Bugs and issues should probably currently be reported to either pan user
list or pan devel list. Packaging bugs obviously to extras bugzilla.

The src.rpm's are building (and working) in fc5.
My intention is to push the new pan to fc5 (and possibly fc4) when it
goes stable, so grabbing the devel branch src.rpm and rebuilding in fc5
is also worth testing. One of the things upstream has done with the
complete re-write is greatly reduce the external library dependencies,
so it doesn't require terribly many devel packages to build it.

Unfortunately, user settings are not migrated - and upstream does not
plan to, the user config files have changed radically.

Any testing though (in devel or fc5 or fc4) would be swell.
Thank you.

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