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Re: system update with yum produces sgmentation fault

On Thursday 18 May 2006 06:55, parta wrote:
> parta <pritam ghanghas gmail com> <pritam ghanghas gmail com> wrote:
> > I installed FC5 from cds and then ran 'yum update' to update my
> > system. After system update, my system has become unstable.
> > Appliations start giving segmentation fault after running a
> > while. If i restart my system, they run again perfectly for a
> > while and then segmentation fault pops up. Is there a way to
> > figure out which package has made my system unstable.
> Random segfaults are usually memory (RAM) problems. Run memtest (it
> should be an option on your installation media boot). When stuff
> runs OK for a while and then starts failing, it could be a
> overheated CPU (bad fan, etc). --
> Dr. Horst H. von Brand                   User #22616 counter.li.org
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> Hi
> > Thanks for your response. I acted on this. I ran memtest but it
> > returned no errors. I was using two memory modules from two
> > different  vendors. I removed on 256M module. Now I have single
> > 512M module and memtested this one also. I monitored operating
> > remprature and system load and they are perfectly normal. I also
> > disabled swap to rule out any corruption in swap. Things have
> > improved but I still  get segfaults and application crashes (
> > frequeny of fauliures is very low now) Is there is anything else
> > I can do to improve the state of my system. My system is not
> > overclocked (one user has suggested that also).
> pritam Ghanghas

   I've been oc'g for over a decade. Currently an XP3000+/333 at XP 
3200+/400 settings (3 years). In all this time I've found memtest86 
to be a good first step, but often hardware (no software can single 
out just ram) that is marginal (or oc'd) that completes all tests for 
many passes of memtest86 with 0 errors, can still be the problem. 

   A better test is to run 'mprime -m' an choose item 17, the torture 
test. Hardware that can run that for several hours without stoppin 
on "hardware error" is good to go (IME). You can also run the tests 
in lvl3 or 5, an use your system in the meantime.


   Sometimes just usin different ram slots, or varying which slots the 
sticks are in can solve problems. And you should clean the contacts 
with an eraser. My Asus a7v600 has three slots, an performs 
flawlessly with two 512 Crucial DDR 400 sticks, but if I add a third 
stick (same ram), memtest86 will pass it, but mprime - 17 (or hours 
long movie re-encodes with mencoder) won't.
	Tom Brinkman		      Corpus Christi, Texas

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