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I've heard from folks in the community that sometimes Stable (core 5) gets updated packages that break things because they haven't been tested will enough and I know it is because the Developers aren't getting feedback.  I know the reality is that most people here are running rawhide or stable, not a lot of folks use stable + testing, and that is were the problem is.

I know on this list that it has been asked before, and I doubt many people are using it just because the nature of this list is to run rawhide.

Just asking if a Fedora Developer / Community relations person, can post something some were else, like other mailing list or maybe on FedoraForums.org News section and also included it on Fedora Weekly News.

After I told some people that fedora-updates-testing.repo existed for this reason, they had know idea about it, some of them running rh since 7.x

Anyway, that's my idea, get the information out to a bigger audience so the packages can be tested more before released.

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