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Re: fedora-updates-testing.repo

On Sat, 2006-05-20 at 08:08 -0500, Justin Conover wrote:
> I've heard from folks in the community that sometimes Stable (core 5)
> gets updated packages that break things because they haven't been
> tested will enough and I know it is because the Developers aren't
> getting feedback.  I know the reality is that most people here are
> running rawhide or stable, not a lot of folks use stable + testing,
> and that is were the problem is. 

Thats just one of the problems. There are other things that we could do
a lot better. There are a few discussions happening elsewhere that would
hopefully make this process more efficient. Will Woods can probably do a
better job filling up the details but some of them are ...

* Automated testing piggy backing on the Red Hat testing being done for
RHEL - framework, systems etc
* Improvements in bugzilla
* A formal desktop client for reporting bugs
* collecting hardware information from clients
* A more formal QA and triaging team of volunteers

There are other smaller focused issues to solve such as

> I know on this list that it has been asked before, and I doubt many
> people are using it just because the nature of this list is to run
> rawhide.

Testing like Documentation is usually not a wide spread interest. We
just have to work on more tools to automate more of the processes and
make it more challenging or interesting to deal with. 

> Just asking if a Fedora Developer / Community relations person, can
> post something some were else, like other mailing list or maybe on
> FedoraForums.org News section and also included it on Fedora Weekly
> News.
> After I told some people that fedora-updates-testing.repo existed for
> this reason, they had know idea about it, some of them running rh
> since 7.x
> Anyway, that's my idea, get the information out to a bigger audience
> so the packages can be tested more before released.

I agree with that but a single announcement rarely helps in these cases.
We need more reminders on a ongoing basis without spamming people.
Information about how the development of Fedora works is kind of scarce.
We are working on filling up the gaps in the wiki, Red Hat magazine

For testing, feel free to pass these links around,


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