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Re: Building a ISO from rpm's.

On Tue, 2006-05-30 at 09:43 -0400, James Hubbard wrote:
> On 5/29/06, Dan Barnes <danhbarnes yahoo com> wrote:
> > I am looking for information on how to build an iso
> > from a bunch of *.rpm files for Fedora CORE 5.
> >
> > Does anyone know where I can find such information.
> > Things such as:
> >
> > * How to update the files for the iso.
> >
> > * Tools to build the iso.
> >
> > * How to build the iso.
> >
> I'm on a project where we need to provide an updated DVD.  We've used
> the following article to do the initial update.  It works pretty well
> and is current with FC5.
> http://www.users.on.net/~rgarth/weblog/fedora/patch_cd.autumn
> I realize that fedora is supposed to be bleeding edge and all, but
> it's too bad that someone doesn't put out a final updated iso when a
> release is retired.  It might be worthwhile to update the rpm
> directory as well and put symlinks to all of the files that are
> updates into the updates directory.  It could help reduce the disk
> utilization on the mirrors.  (I'm not even sure that this is possible
> with rsync.)

It does happen when some people decide to get their hands dirty and do
the job rather than worry about it not getting done.



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