x86_64 kde*-devel updates

Gene C. czar at czarc.net
Tue Oct 31 22:03:06 UTC 2006

In FC5, the x86_64 distribution only has the x86_64 versions of kdepim-devel, 
kdenetwork, and kdenetwork-devel whereas in FC6 both the x86_64 and i386 
versions of the above packages are in the distribution (and installed if kde 
is selected).

If the FC6 additions are intended and by design, then the latest updates have 
a problem because the i386 updates cannot be installed due to missing 

If the FC6 additions are an "oops" and not intended, then the distribution has 
a small problem.

IMO, I do not see the need for the i386 versions of these packages on an 
x86_64 system.

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