Announcing Fedora 7 Test 4 (6.93)

Adam Jackson ajackson at
Thu Apr 26 17:55:17 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 13:37 -0400, Will Woods wrote:

> Desktop
>       * This test release features GNOME 2.18.
>       * The new Echo icon theme is no longer the default, although it is
>         still available from the repositories. 
>       * KDE and Xfce, among several other packages, are included in the
>         development repositories, but not on the media. They can be
>         installed using the appropriate software management tools. 
>       * Fast User Switching is now available via the
>         fast-user-switch-applet. See
>         for more details. 
>       * The internet messaging program called "Gaim" is now known as
>         "Pidgin". See for more info.

Intel graphics users may now find themselves switched onto the new
modesetting driver.  All i945 and i965 chips should now use it by
default, as well as i915GM (mostly laptops and small-form-factor
machines).  Please yell if anything doesn't work.

- ajax

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