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KDE 4 live image for i686


I've prepared a KDE4 live image for i686 for testing purposes. Last
weeks rawhide images didn't include the kde one because of a problem
with intel video drivers. Kwin would automatically enable compositing
support on such cards which seems to be broken atm. But we haven't a
bug report for that, yet. So if someone would like to provide one,
please test these images. radeon/nv users should not have these


These images are based on rawhide from 2007-12-20 and also include
Jeremy's modifications to the kickstarts (like on the normal rawhide

I'm not sure if installation would work. With my limited test
capabilities over christmas I cannot test these properly. In my tests
on one machine I've got problems with the partitioning. If this also
happens to you, please bug it.

Merry christmas,


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