Why Smolt does not show PCI IDs

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Sat May 5 05:29:53 UTC 2007


Doncho N. Gunchev schrieb:
>   Is there a reason why smolt should not display PCI IDs for the
> hardware profiles in the web interface? I find it very useful to
> search for PCI IDs in google to get some hardware working
> for example. I think that letting the user indicate somehow
> what devices do work will be useful too, RFE (this could help
> Fedora HCL)?

Side note:

- for onboard sound hardware integrated in the mainboard southbridge the
PCI-ID is only a partially help. yes, the drivers need to support the
southbridge and thus need to know the PCI-ID; but they also need to
support the AC97/HD-Audio codec that the board uses as is connected
behind the southbridge. That's often the case -- but not always. There
are further quite a few mainboards and laptops out in the wild that seem
to need specific workarounds for proper function. So relying only on the
PCI-ID for onboard sound hardware can fire back now and then

- similar for softmodems -- the modem chips that are located behind the
southbridge are the crucial part; the PCI-ID isn't a big help here

- ATA-Controller these days sometimes change their PCI-ID depending on a
BIOS-Setting (especially boards with Intel Chipsets, where you can
configure the SATA-Controller as "Legacy", "Enhanced/Native" or RAID --
each with a different ID). So you need to be careful there, too.


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