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Will Woods wwoods at redhat.com
Wed May 9 14:51:21 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-05-09 at 14:16 +0200, Robert M. Albrecht wrote:
> Hi,
> from Max Spevacks "Fedora 7 -- what, when, and why":
> (3) Live CD, DVD, and USB technology. A Fedora spin can be loaded onto
> various forms of bootable media, which allows users to run their OS
> without hard disk installation, and gives users the ability to launch
> the installer with a simple double click. As with what is written above,
> the tools used for this are all free software, and therefore everything
> in this space is also fully customizable by users.
> Can this be tested already ? Is there some documentation on how to get
> Fedora on a usb stick ?

Yep! It's really easy:

1) Get a copy of the LiveCD image, either from the mirrors or a torrent
2) 'yum install livecd-tools' on a F7t4 system
3) 'livecd-iso-to-disk $path_to_iso $usb_device'
- $usb_device should be the (unmounted) partition for your USB drive.

This process is non-destructive - your USB thumbdrive will not be
formatted. It just needs to be FAT{16,32} or ext{2,3} formatted and
have enough room to hold the Live data.

It's a *lot* faster than the LiveCD, too. But it still works just like
the LiveCD - changes you write to the filesystem while running will
*not* be preserved.


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