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Re: rawhide report: 20080114 changes

Todd Denniston wrote:

two more questions:
1) is Rawhide in a pretty much runnable state right now apart from the programs listed above?

Most programs are working fine that I use. The kernels and the ati driver don't work currently for me.

2) to get an F8 machine[1] on to rawhide do I just need to disable the yum entries for fedora & updates, and then enable development, then do a yum update?n

You may need to do this upgrade incremental. Also make sure that you are running yum from a virtual terminal instead of through a terminal in the GUI. Chances are that X will crash and yum will have left a mess in the aftermath. I prefer to upgrade the glibc items first and then everything incrementally except do not update the kernel until the later portion of the update.

I want to see if the new X stuff is able to get the ATI card working in that laptop.

I have problems with an ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility U1
that locks up with the latest released driver. Depending on the particular graphics cards, it may or may not work.

[1] Actually iirc the machine in question has never been updated, from Rawhide, since Rawhide went F8 General Availability.

If it was on rawhide before the same process should work to upgrade it to current level. I'm sure the list of packages will be high since it was sitting dormant for awhile.


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