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Re: How to become fedora tester?

John Summerfield wrote:
Andrew Farris wrote:

Its highly advisable not to share your /home with rawhide,

My home directory, on Tikanga-clone, dates back to RHL 7.3 (maybe earlier) and comes via a time on Debian Woody and Sarge when Sarge was testing. If I look around, and I have since I installed Tikanga-clone, I can find vestiges of my Debian settings.

It's true that I did not ever go back to an earlier release of anything. It's also true that I use KDE, not Gnome

I did have a problem at the time of the transition from RHL 5.x to 6.0, when my desktop was on an NFS share, and going back to 5.x from 6.0 was impeded. Sharing with Mandrake back then didn't work well either.

My main desktop system's home also dates back to RHL (tho I think it was formatted for 8), but I would still argue it is smarter not to mix rawhide and anything else writing to the same home. I have tarballed and moved my home a number of times to change partition schemes and format; using XFS on my home now (apparently just because I can, no other argument for why).

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