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Re: XO: Random Findings

On Tue, 2008-10-28 at 23:56 -0400, Adam D. Ligas wrote:
> On the display side of things, most of the fonts seem to be chopped in
> half and some buttons appear blacked out.  I can't seem to predict when
> either will occur, but both occur often.  Looked for settings to change
> the DPI as suggested, but I couldn't find any.

Terry's responses to this are reasonable and bugs are filed for these.
Please be sure to look at
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/showdependencytree.cgi?id=FedoraOnXO before filing/reporting problems to help reduce duplicates[1]

> Gave "Cheese" a try with the built in camera.  Appears to function
> normally, though it is pretty slow to initialize the camera and get it
> displayed on screen.  Effects work, but cause a significant delay in the
> refresh rate.  Maybe being CPU limited here?

Almost certainly.  433 mhz isn't a lot for the real time image
manipulation that cheese is doing :)

> I was going to play with some audio but my initial testing ended here
> with Power Management.  Basically, the XO just died :).  Fedora didn't
> detect it was running on a battery, and so I received no alert that the
> battery was low, and it just ran out of juice.

We should be getting battery status as of yesterday's rawhide[2] so
hopefully this should be a little better.  We still won't, and at this
point aren't targeting for F10, have suspend support for handling that


[1] And as a corollary, make sure that bugs you file are set to block
the FedoraOnXO bug
[2] Next "official" image set will be the Preview release.  But you can
always build your own images with livecd-creator against rawhide for
those that want to be on the edgier edge

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