gateway AMD64 laptop locks up once or twice a day

shmuel siegel fedora at
Wed Apr 8 10:49:43 UTC 2009

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   on my gateway MX7120 (amd 64 athlon cpu), my desktop locks up hard
> maybe once or twice a day -- the only thing still functional is the
> cursor, which has the "I" format.  that's it -- i can move the cursor
> around via the USB mouse but nothing else -- no switching virtual
> desktops, no activating windows, no menu selections, no virtual
> consoles, no Ctrl-Alt-Bksp to kill my X session, nothing.  my only
> option is a hard power down and reboot.
>   thoughts?  i'd bugzilla this but i have no idea what i'd be
> bugzilla'ing.
> rday
> --
see if this is relevant -

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