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Re: Bugzappers: requests from maintainers for special treatment

Adam Williamson wrote:
Hi, guys. Just a general issue mail for Bugzappers: I've recently been
talking to Seth Vidal, who wants special treatment for bugs in
components he maintains (yum and createrepo): he's happy for them to be
triaged according to the usual process, but he doesn't want the bugs
changed from NEW to ASSIGNED.

As a general principle, we should accept requests like this from the
owners of components, because we're here for them and not vice versa; if
our procedure doesn't work for them we should vary it so that what we do
is helping them and not frustrating them. We have a regular triager for
yum / createrepo who is aware of this (Jon Stanley), but anyone else who
happens to touch yum / createrepo bugs in future, please follow this

We used to have a Special Procedures wiki page for exceptions like this;
it seems to have got pretty much lost in the recent wiki re-design. For
now I've revised
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/Components_and_Triagers#Set_Components to add a new 'Special' column where we can add special instructions like this - I think that should be a good way to do it, as it's a high-visibility page that everyone should be looking at before triaging any given component. I envisage that short requests (like this one) can go directly in the table, longer ones could be added as footnotes (or to a separate page) and linked from the table.

(I took out the statistics from it, as discussed at the last meeting,
because they're obsolete and not helping anyone now, and the table
would've been getting too wide with those in it).

Does this seem sensible to everyone?

It does.

When I first read this I missed the part where you said you'd already removed the metrics, and the paged was cached for me. I didn't see the changes.


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