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Re: Bugzappers: requests from maintainers for special treatment

Adam Williamson wrote:
Hi, guys. Just a general issue mail for Bugzappers: I've recently been
talking to Seth Vidal, who wants special treatment for bugs in
components he maintains (yum and createrepo): he's happy for them to be
triaged according to the usual process, but he doesn't want the bugs
changed from NEW to ASSIGNED.

As a general principle, we should accept requests like this from the
owners of components, because we're here for them and not vice versa; if
our procedure doesn't work for them we should vary it so that what we do
is helping them and not frustrating them. We have a regular triager for
yum / createrepo who is aware of this (Jon Stanley), but anyone else who
happens to touch yum / createrepo bugs in future, please follow this

I think this is a step towards kaos. Even if exceptions are documented somewhere, that somewhere is something that triagers (especially new triagers) will overlook sometimes.

As far as possible, there should be a single, standard procedure that works reasonably well for everyone. That does not mean that everyone has to be entirely happy with what that procedure is - it will never happen that everyone is happy with everything, but whatever it is, everyone needs to accept that it is a reasonable compromise.

I don't propose that triagers should prescribe what that standard procedure is, by and large that should be decided by developers jointly, and considering triagers' points of view, and if needed, by arbitration.

If Seth has some concerns with triagers changing NEW to ASSIGNED, then those concerns need to be discussed with other developers, with a common approach being adopted. It might be that Seth's concerns are shared, it might be that another state, "REFERRED" might be appropriate, with the referee maybe choosing to adopt it, or to assign/refer it to someone else.

For purposes of discussion, I assume that most triagers are much less experienced than most maintainers. The triagers are the people least qualified for deciding on changes to procedures and software.

Proposing changes, yes.



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