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Re: updates repo admission checklist hole

Hi Michel,

In my opinion you are wrong because:

Fact: update repo has broken packages.
Fact: broken packages keeps sleeping into update repo.
Fact: QA must consider everything broken until proven contrary.
Fact: You failed to lead situation toward an improvement in Fedora (as mission statement says), because
         you failed to professionally analyze user comment and make required adjustment.

Someone more open will spot the workaround in a second:
"Change the system to give negative karma from start ( or consider zero karma as not acceptable for updates-repo) when a package arrives into updates-testing, thus we will ensure that some human at least tried to install and test the package before it gets with positive karma in updates-repo this will not annoy users" .

Overall it is bad for fedora public image to have broken upupdate packages.

I personally think that you do not reflect the spirit of fedora where people are friendly and open and strive for bleeding-edge improvements.


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