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Re: Dim Screen

Hi Jim,

On Mon, 3 Aug 2009 14:16:19 -0700
"Jim Bevier" <jim jbsys com> wrote:

> Over the last week or more my rawhide AMD x86_64 system w/nvidia GeForce 
> 8600 card has not been working correctly.  If I use nv driver, X will not 
> start and just hangs showing the last startup text.  CTL-ALT-F2 will get a 
> login screen.  If I use vesa driver, it also hangs, but shows weird lines on 
> top and old startup text on bottom of screen.  CTL-ALT-F2 gives a black 
> screen with no login prompt.  I must do reset to restart machine.  If I use 
> the nouveau driver, X will start, but the screen is very dark.  I am able to 
> login to kde or gnome.  I am at the 118 kernel.  I think the last one that 
> worked was in the 60's.  Anybody have something to try?  Any idea what is 
> broke?

Could you try the following kernel builds from koji and report:

Please install with:
# rpm -i --oldpackage kernel-$version.rpm

Best wishes,


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