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Re: device notifier - setting options

On Mon August 3 2009, Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> No one is perfect. 
thanks for the reminder

> I made a typographical error that anyone could have
> made.
as did I, except mine was not typo

> I'm not persecuting you either so take the snippy attitude
> elsewhere. 
arrogant twit! please insert between the quotes here > "________"
my exact words employing the word 'persecute'; your self righteous posturing 
is belied by your escalation of rhetoric

> Your reply to the list was not necessary. Feel free to
> contact me off list.
you presume to order me to respond to you off list from on list!

in the grand scheme of things, your words were not very offensive, but, your 
intent was as shown by your defensive reaction to mine - I'm sick of self-
righteous list machos swinging their big keyboards around the two lists,  
increasingly so over the past months; perhaps a Fedora-smackdown list could be 
started and all you self annointed list-cops, netiquette geeks, and other 
judgemental scribes could go over there and pound on each other as much as you 
want - I see your snippy and double the ante

you may have the last word - 'nuff said

Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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