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Re: Rawhide 3d: 0 for Three

On 08/04/2009 10:42 AM, Michael Cronenworth wrote:

> 2) Contact AMD[1] or nVidia[2] directly -- Members of the
> Fedora-test-list cannot help you.

It's possible, for some problems, that somebody testing rawhide has been
able to work around such problems, and fedora-test-list is the obvious
place to find those people.  There are just some classes of problems
that free software doesn't solve (e.g. TV-Out on commonly available
hardware).  It would be lovely if the open source drivers were always up
to snuff, even better if nVidia and ATI actively participated in Fedora,
but alas, we must recognize imperfection.

Are we prepared to say we don't want those people to be Fedora users
because Fedora only fulfills 99% of their needs?  We must be careful not
to take out our disdain for those who create problems on those who are
saddled with them.

Does a fedora-test-nonfree list already exist?


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