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Are you being heard?

You've often heard me say that  KDE developers do give as much time as they 
can,  and that feature requests should be reported on bugzilla.  Well, it 
seems we've reached the situation where there has been a flood of reports, 
some genuine bugs, some wishes reported as bugs, and some straightforward 
feature requests reported.  That means that triage has got completely out of 
hand, so a new experiment is being tried.  Take a look at 

The idea is that you can submit your ideas, features requests.  The moderators 
will filter out spam, rants and duplicates of ideas, and if your idea has 
passed that test it goes onto the forum for discussion by other users.  This 
should achieve two things.  It should give a place where you can make a clear 
statement of your wants and needs and the developers know where to look for 
feedback about them.  The feedback submitted in comments will also help 
developers see how many people actually would use the idea if it is coded.

This does not mean that every idea will eventually be carried out.  There can 
be many reasons why the idea is not feasible.  Maybe there simply isn't time 
to do it, if it's a big undertaking.  Maybe no developer would use it, so 
motivation is low when time is short.  Maybe there already is some other way 
of doing the same thing.  Maybe even realising the idea would break other 
things.  In the end it must be the decision of the developers, but this 
initiative should be really valuable.  Let's use it.

Do remember that crashes or unexpected program behaviour is still a bug, and 
must still be reported on bugzilla.  Also, being fairly new and very recently 
overhauled, so you may find bugs there too.  Deal with them in the usual way, 
through bugzilla.

Many people say "I can't code, so I can't help!" - this is a way that everyone 
who cares about KDE can help without writing a line of code ;-)

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